#07 Rushing towards nothingness, near death tales with Colin Roles

Strap yourselves in for this story. This one hit me hard. Colin sits down with Ciaran and Ian to discuss his near-death experiences and the impact on his life. Colin goes into great detail in this episode…I can’t do it justice in the show notes. Please listen to this. This episode has changed my life already (Ian).

Colin is a professional coach for the past ten years. Over more than twenty-five years of training and coaching, he has worked with and trained extensively under ex British special forces instructors, attaining a 4th-degree black belt and high-level weapons training in the Chinese martial art of Akanaryu.

He has been involved in Corporate Wellness Training for more than eight years, first with large companies then working with executives and CEO’s on their personal performance goals.

Working with his wife and business partner Karma he has worked to bring functional fitness into every sector. Included in this has been an extensive structured schools programme, two European seminar tours covering 12 countries and providing training with Olympic Medalist athletes, and a series of professional CrossFit Competitions in Europe.

Along with his academic studies in biomechanics, nutrition, traditional Chinese medicine, his deep interest in philosophy and the inner world has guided him in his work and family life for over twenty years, and particularly in the past three years where he has experienced and survived four cardiac arrests stemming from a formerly undiagnosed genetic condition.

He now owns and runs Optimise Health and Performance with his wife in Clonmel Co. Tipperary where they work on an individual basis with clients from the corporate and business community to help them achieve more balance in their daily lives.