#44 with David Keohan AKA Indiana Stones on the ancient art of Irish Stone Lifting

I am joined by Ireland’s stone-lifting ambassador, David Keohan, in this Learning to Die episode. We discuss the ancient practice of stone lifting in Ireland and many other countries globally, how it was a rite of passage for the youth, a challenge within the community and something to do for fun.

Stone lifting is an art that was lost through 800 years under British occupation. Like many customs, aspects of culture and language that were lost during this occupation, Ireland is in a cultural revival, and David is leading the way by lifting stones. An element of Irish culture that was nearly lost, but David is on a quest to make stone lifting great again.

This conversation undoubtedly enthused me, and I can’t wait to dig more into this subject. The great thing about stone lifting is that it’s free. Check out the episode and the links below.

Items we discuss

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I hope this was useful. Please enjoy this episode of the Learning to Die podcast.