How do I live when I know I must die?

A podcast exploring philosophy, psychology, martial arts, culture, existential risk, and anything else that seems of interest and relevance to navigating a well-lived life.


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Ian Dunican

Ian was born in Dublin, Ireland and raised in Athlone in the midlands of Ireland. At 18, he joined the Irish Defence Forces (Army) and served for five years before moving to Australia in 2003. He has predominately worked in health, safety, and business improvement in the mining, oil, and gas industry in Australia and internationally. In 2017 Ian completed his PhD at the University of Western Australia in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Sport and the Western Force in sleep and performance. In 2018 he started Melius Consulting, focusing on industry clients and Sleep4Performance focussing on athletic performance. He has worked with elite and highly trained athletes at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), West Australian Institute of Sport (WAIS), professional teams in Super RugbyAustralian Rules Football, Basketball, Swimming, Formula 1McLaren Racing, Major League Baseball, Netball, Ultrarunners and Martial Arts such as Boxing, Judo & Mixed Martial Arts.

Ian is an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow with UWA and an Adjunct Associate Professor at Edith Cowan University. He researches sports science, sleep science, jet lag and travel, chronobiology, health and safety, shiftwork, nutrition, and performance. Ian Dunican holds a PhD in sleep science and performance, Masters in Business and a Masters in Mining Engineering with undergraduate qualifications in health, safety and education. 

Ian is no stranger to physical activity. He has completed over 20 ultramarathons to date, including the Ultra-Trail Australia ~100km (x7), Leadville, Colorado~100 miler (x2), numerous other ultramarathons marathons and trail running events. He has completed ultra-ocean swimming events 10-20km. He is also a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu brown belt and has trained in Karate and Traditional Japanese Jiu-Jitsu.

Although Ian has no formal education or professional background in philosophy, history, or psychology, he has always enjoyed these thought-provoking disciplines. Buddhism, Taoism, and Stoicism have influenced him. Some of his favourite subjects and authors include the Book of Five Rings, the talks of Alan Watts, A Man’s Search for Meaning, The Denial of Death, Letters from a Stoic, The works of Carl Jung, World War II, American and Irish History.

Follow Ian’s research at Research Gate or Google Scholar.

Ciaran O'Regan

Ciaran is a sport scientist, physical culturalist, exploratory conversationalist, and curious generalist.

While his in-person coaching work is done in Cork, Ireland, he does online coaching with Sigma Nutrition where he specializes in Combat Sport weight management and physical preparation. In terms of physical culture, Ciaran played Rugby before taking up amateur Boxing and K1 kickboxing from 2011-2017. He has since, however, hung up his gloves and now enjoys a broader range of physical endeavours including Yoga and climbing.

His interest in the written word has led him to publishing essays on a wide variety of topics including philosophy of science, strength and conditioning, combat sport preparation, philosophy, and psychology. Ciaran’s essays can be found on numerous websites including Complementary TrainingSigma Nutrition, and Areo Magazine. He also has his own podcast called Quarrelsome Life Radio. His work can be found at

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