#36 with Sister Mary Dennett on Infinite Love!

Today I am joined by Mary Dennett or should I say, Sister Mary Dennett MA, BSc (Ed) Grad Dip (Ed Admin).

Mary is a Sister of Mercy with many years of experience in secondary education. She has attended the Earth Literacy Course in Genesis Farm, New Jersey, USA and Teilhard de Chardin’s Prayer of the Universe and completed a MA in Culture and Spirituality at Holy Names University in California.

In addition, she is my wife’s auntie and is currently in palliative care in Melbourne, Australia.

This was a privilege for me; talking to Mary at the end of her life at a young spritely 83 years old was beautiful and emotional. It has made me question many things in my life, and Mary has inspired me to value each day. It’s hard to believe that Mary is in care; other than her lack of physicality, Mary is sharp, quick-witted and insightful about life. I hope you enjoy this episode.