#29: Robb Wolf – Saving Ourselves from Safetyism

What an episode; we were thrilled to have Robb Wolf on the podcast. This was a great discussion led by Ciaran. Robb was scheduled to come on for 60 minutes but kindly stayed for 90 minutes. In this episode, we discussed many things today: the pandemic, diets, wokeism, environment, climate change, war, politics, and much more.

If you recognise Robb’s name, you’re not mistaken. He has been on the JRE podcast at least three times. He is a former research biochemist and a two time New York Times/WSJ Best Selling author of the Paleo Solution and Wired to Eat. He is a brown belt in BJJ (Robb, on his love of BJJ youtu.be/l_HcfDWuozA)has fought as an amateur kickboxer. Find out more about Robb here and his podcast at robbwolf.com.

His recent work with Diane Rodgers can be accessed here sacredcow.info/about-sacred-cow. They recently appeared on the JRE podcast episode #1784 to discuss this work.